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People say trust should be earned. But is it true? Every day we see our neighbors, friends or even family giving their trust to the false prophets. For free. You can’t even blame them. But you can’t blame the power hungry people either. It’s the information middlemen without honor who are guilty of bending the reality.

We show this in an aesopian styled fable about a (power) hungry wolf and a town of naive sheep. But nor the wolf or the sheeple can influence the town’s election by themselves. The only one who can affect the faith of this peaceful town is our main character - newbie sheep journalist Shaun.

Game design, texts: Adam Cintula, Lukáš Voltemár
Artist, Animator, Enviroment: Dominik Herceg
Music & Sounds: Jaroslav Patočka .II
Programming: Jaroslav Patočka .III


Sheepherd_GJR.zip 39 MB

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